OreObject SPHEREtouch mouse is a $155 ball of touch-enabled steel

Dare we say that circular-shaped mice are actually becoming a trend? Swooping in like a ball on Newton's Cradle is the OreObject SPHEREtouch mouse to knock the Jelfin mouse on its head. Though this time we've got to admit the pricey SPHEREtouch has us rather intrigued. Not only is the handmade mouse available in your choice of steel, titanium and platinum, but OreObject has shaken things up with a large horizontal scroll wheel and two touch-sensitive buttons. Mac and PC compatible, it all sounds interesting and looks very pretty until you realize that the steel version starts at $155 and that the platinum one will set you back $225. For that kind of money, we'd at least expect them to cut the cord for some Bluetooth. But hey, if you've always wanted at least one indestructible ball of steel that source link has your name all over it.

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Emeryville, CA – February 1, 2010 – OreObject, a newly-launched manufacturer of upscale ergonomic and lifestyle peripherals, today introduced the revolutionary SPHEREtouch handcrafted mouse. The SPHEREtouch represents the flagship product in OreObject's premier line of personal computing peripherals and features innovative, touch-sensitive buttons that are significantly less strenuous on a user's fingers than the conventional mouse.

The innovative touch-sensitive buttons and the vertical button placement are designed to allow fingers to 'dangle' freely when no button actuation is required. Whereas the conventional mouse requires force exertion by the finger every time the mouse button is clicked, a slight tapping motion is all that is required for the SPHEREtouch mouse to accomplish the same task. Base on an internal study conducted in 2009, an average mouse user clicks well over 800 times per day. "You can imagine how much exertion that is applied to a single finger which also does scrolling," said Charles Tseng, founder & chief designer at OreObject.

OreObject's design offers creativity, innovation and luxury that have never before been seen in a computer mouse. OreObject has gone through an intensive material selection process to ensure that the SPHEREtouch possess both advanced functionality and timeless durability. Constructed out of a medical- grade stainless steel enclosure, the solid feel of the mouse in conjunction with the high quality ceramic feet provides the user with a feeling of weightlessness on smooth/non-abrasive surfaces.

The use of multiple high-precision bearings and a large horizontal scroll wheel allows the users to smoothly scroll through long documents or zoom in and out of applications such as Google Earth very much the same as a DJ spins the turntable. "It's very intuitive and creative way of scrolling. You will never go back to scrolling with your index finger again," said Charles Tseng, founder & chief designer at OreObject.

Pricing & Availability
SPHEREtouch is now available for pre-order through OreObject's online boutique ( Expected ship date in early March. Three precious metal trims will be offered at the launch – STEEL with satin stainless steel finish for $155, TITANIUM with polished titanium coating for $175, and the PLATINUM with polished platinum finish for $225. Each SPHEREtouch comes with a nylon-mesh tangle-free USB cord, duo- mode buttons, laser-engraved logos, and a microfiber travel pouch. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X Leopard version 10.4 or later. SPHEREtouch is designed for left or right-handed users.

OreObject is pioneering a new line of upscale, personal computing peripherals. OreObject is committed to providing the most innovative designs in addition to the most intuitive, practical experiences for its end users. Founded in 2009, every OreObject product is assembled by hand at its own assembly facility.

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