Ekokook concept kitchen's mantra: waste not, want not

If, like us, you've spent a fair amount of time in a kitchen cooking up a storm, then you're probably aware of one of the major drawbacks of major home-cooking... it generates a ton of waste. That's right -- up to 85 or 90 percent of a family's trash can be generated within the vicinity of the kitchen. Faltazi's concept kitchen should be interesting for just that reason -- Ekokook is designed to generate essentially zero waste. The solid waste -- things like glass -- are ground down using a hand-activated steel ball, and there's also a manual paper shredder which compacts the leftovers into small bricks. Water is stored, filtered, and reused, with waste water being used to water plants. Oh, and there's also an eco-friendly earthworm compactor in a drawer! Does it get any better? Well, there's a video after the break to check out.