EB Games endorses R18+ rating in Australia

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EB Games endorses R18+ rating in Australia
Australia isn't just dangerous because of its abundance of deadly, poisonous wildlife, it's also not a great place to live if you're an adult gamer. See, the country's maximum rating for video games has long been MA 15+, meaning that a mature game must either be censored down to what the country deems is suitable for a 15 year old individual or outright banned from release in the country. This forces many gamers to navigate the seedy streets and back alleys of the importing scene. Nasty stuff, believe us.

But, there's hope. A new rating of R18+ has been a hot topic as of late. Recently, the government has been receptive to a change in the legislature, despite South Australian attorney general Michael Atkinson's vehement disapproval. The public is able to weigh in on the proposed change right now, but retailer EB Games has also decided to join the fight for more mature titles. And like anyone else trying to get something done on the internet, it's started a petition.

The "Grow Up Australia & EB Games" petition pretty much mirrors the same form found on the Aussie government's site here, so if you're a bloke or sheila who has already voiced your opinions on the government site, there's no need to fill out this new EB Games questionnaire. If not, get on it. The deadline is February 28.

[Via IGN]
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