Motorola Devour officially coming to Verizon next month

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.03.10

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Motorola Devour officially coming to Verizon next month
And just like that, it's official. Verizon Wireless has today announced that Motorola's scrumptiously named Devour will be heading to its network next month, with it being the first VZW phone to feature Motoblur. Not that we're seeing any surprises here, but a quick specification run down draws our attention to a 3.1-inch capacitive touchscreen, a touch-sensitive navigation pad, a pre-installed 8GB microSD card and Bluetooth support. Unfortunately, there's no apparent mention of multitouch -- and we wouldn't expect it out of the box, since the Devour runs Android 1.6 -- but we're crossing our fingers (and toes, for that matter) for Google to sling that delightful Nexus One update to the rest of its high-powered Android phones in the very near future. There's nary a mention of an asking price, but we'll be sure to keep an eye out as launch day approaches.

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