Hutchison Austria to offer discounted iPad with 2-year contract for i-Mo 3G modem

Coveting an iPad, but not willing to pay full price? If you happen to live in Austria and don't mind committing to a two-year data contract, Hutchison's got you covered. The carrier's offering a 333 Euro (approximately US $455) discount if you sign up for a 29.90 Euro, 5GB monthly data contract. Sounds great, but frankly we still don't know how much it's gonna cost outside of the US -- the foreign sites still list American prices, as far as we can tell. The other catch is that instead of offering the integrated 3G version, you're getting a Huawei i-Mo 3G modem to create a personal WiFi cloud with the iPad. Elegant? Not really, but it's still quite the deal (short-term, at any rate). No indication when Apple's device will hit Austria, but we gotta imagine they wouldn't set up such an offer without a short-term plan.