Roger Daltrey-signed guitar periphs auctioned for Teenage Cancer Trust

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Roger Daltrey-signed guitar periphs auctioned for Teenage Cancer Trust
It's a well-known fact that anything signed by a founding member of The Who is immediately imbued with supernatural properties. Imagine, if you will, the raw, unbridled power a Rock Band guitar would gain if tenderly handled and Hancocked by frontman Roger Daltrey. We're pretty sure it would be incapable of missing notes at that point.

Such an artifact is now attainable, if you're willing to dish out enough cash to claim it. Daltrey and peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz have teamed up to auction off a pair of classy Wooden Fender Stratocaster guitar controllers for Xbox 360. The proceeds from the auctions will support the Teenage Cancer Trust, a U.K. charity which funds special oncology units in hospitals which "enable young people to be treated together, by an expert team, in the best possible environment for their age group." These auctions are a great cause -- with some extremely rocking benefits.

The auctions are up right now, and will run until next Thursday. Also, we can't think of an appropriate pun to end this post, but if we write about Roger Daltrey and don't link to the "YEEEEEEAAAHHH" button, we're contractually obligated to resign.

[Via Shacknews]
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