International HD news roundup

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International HD news roundup
Here at Engadget HD, we'd prefer not to just focus on high-def happenings in the US of A. Thus, we round up the best of the best from the international front each week and present it here, bundled together in a single, easy to digest list. If something went down in your corner of the globe over the past seven days, let the rest of the world know it in comments. 'Til next week, Até a vista!

Read - HD Version of TV3+ Launches (Sweden)
Read - Eurosport to launch HD channel on Virgin Media (UK)
Read - Taiwan market: CHT to offer 3D content at MOD in 3Q10
Read - Canada backyard Olympics coverage gears up
Read - Sporting Germany Goes HD
Read - KUAM broadcasting Super Bowl 44 in HD (Guam)
Read - Kathrein update offers HD for CI boxes (Germany)
Read - Shaw Direct Adds V HD to Lineup, Offers Exclusive Programming (Canada)
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