Motorola Droid's next update to be Android 2.1, includes multitouch browser

We've just gotten the inside line on the next Droid update that's making the rounds through Verizon's testing department from one of our trusted sources, and overall, it looks like this should take users 95 percent of the way to curing pangs of Nexus One envy. Here's what we've got:

  • It's based on Android 2.1. The build currently being circulated is identified as 2.1 version 1, mirroring the update just pushed to the Nexus One last week.

  • Google Goggles is now pre-installed (no matter how unhelpful it may be).

  • The browser's now multitouch enabled, just like Google Maps 3.4. Huzzah! No Flash, but then again, we weren't really expecting that.

  • Interestingly, the home screen's still got the same look as 2.0.1, meaning it doesn't adopt the Nexus One's rotating 3D grid of app icons -- it's still got the pull-up drawer tab at the bottom.

  • No active wallpapers. Bummer!

  • The news and weather widgets introduced on the Nexus One are included. Maybe certain capabilities of 2.1 are going to be restricted to devices with minimum performance benchmarks?

There's no word on timing, and for all our source knows, this build could still very well fail testing -- goodness knows it's happened with plenty of pre-production firmwares in Verizon's past. We'll keep our ear to the ground and you do the same.