Elecom introduces SDXC-compatible card reader, waits for you to afford SDXC cards

Panasonic's duo of SDXC cards should be shipping out this month, which means that you'll be needing a new card reader on the double. Of course, it's not like you're really about to pay upwards of $450 for 32GB of wicked fast Secure Digital storage (or $600 for the 64 gigger), but hey, it's hard to knock Elecom for being proactive. Said outfit has just released what looks to be the first multicard readers to openly support SDXC, with the MR-A001BK handling ten formats and the MR-A002 supporting a grand total of 32 -- some of which haven't been used regularly since Vikings ruled the north. Both are expected to ship in Japan later this month, with pricing set for ¥1,890 ($21) and ¥2,415 ($27) in order of mention.