Ask Engadget HD: Is there a good wireless HDMI option yet?

In the yeeeeear two thousand... and ten, are we seriously still restricted to the demands of physical connections to get our HD fix? While wires have gotten it done for most of us so far, there's more than a few looking to make the jump to wireless HDMI solutions but unsure how to take the first step. We'll let Greg tell us about his situation:

"Currently my setup has wires running around the corner from my display to a media closet stocked with DVR, Blu-ray player, game consoles and the like, but I'd really like to shift my HDTV to a wall across the room without light shining directly on it. Unfortunately that would put it around 15 feet away from where all my HD sources are and drilling through the walls/ceiling is not a desirable alternative, and I want to know if any of the many wireless HDMI extenders or integrated TVs are worth buying. A Panasonic Z1 might be out of my price range, but one of the new HDTVs from Vizio, Toshiba or LG coming this year definitely an option. Otherwise, a dedicated streamer might be my best option, but is there one worth the money available now?"

When we last considered this question a couple of years ago, the immature wireless HDMI market offered only expensive options that compressed the signal and didn't work very well. By now, prices have come down and technology has improved greatly. We haven't gone cable-free in our setups yet but we're sure someone out there has tested the wireless HDMI waters, any advice for our friend Greg is certainly welcome.

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