Ask Engadget HD: When will wireless HD / HDMI take off?

This week's Ask Engadget HD question is near and dear to our hearts, and quite frankly, it's one of the best inquiries we've heard thus far. After a veritable onslaught of wireless HD, wireless HDMI, WHDI and other cord-free HD apparatuses were introduced and trumpeted at CES 2008, the hubbub has completely died in the months after. Sure, we realize many firms were simply showing off unreleased kit back in January, but it seems the push for untangling one's components has been (at least momentarily) halted. Check out Jeff's concerns for yourself:

"When is wireless HD finally going to hit the market? Philips introduced a wireless HDMI product that never saw the light of day; now Belkin (FlyWire) and Gefen have announced similar examples at CES, but there's no word on when either will hit the market. Yes, this technology comes with a large price tag, but when will those willing to pay for a clutter-free setup have the chance to?"

Beyond all that, we're wondering if these kinds of products will even impress once unleashed. In our experiences, transmitting loads of data over any form of wireless setup has been prone to dropouts, hiccups and all sorts of annoyances. Heck, even PowerLine has yet to overcome the stigma attached to it -- and it's a wired technology! Personally, we're hoping companies with wireless HD wares are taking the time to perfect them rather than handing them over unpolished, but still, will you be willing to subject yourself to possible early adopter woes when this stuff finally greets retail floors en masse?

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