AMIMON's WHDI solution gets HDCP certification

If you've been wondering why you haven't heard anything about AMIMON's Wireless High-definition Interface since just before CES last year, it's probably because no Blu-ray / HD DVD material can be delivered through it. Now, however, the company is hoping that its WHDI solution will be much more attractive, which isn't too far fetched considering the HDCP certification that it just received. Reportedly, the technology is now considered an Approved Retransmission Technology (ART), and since that hurdle has finally been cleared, we're elated to see that a number WHDI-enabled products should be headed our way courtesy of "several original equipment manufacturers in 2008." The possibilities here are fairly limitless, and needless to say, we're quite interested to see what AMIMON has to offer at CES 2008.