Google Buzz now available on iPhone web app

Google revealed its new social communications feature Buzz yesterday while we were all traveling to Macworld, and the new service is now up and running in the Mobile Safari web app, as well as in your Gmail account everywhere else. The mobile app has all the features of the main service (it's kind of like a mix between Twitter and Google Wave, where you can post status updates and media in an ongoing conversation) with some interesting mobile features, including the option to see "buzz" nearby while out and about, as well as comment on or 'like' other people's "buzz."

The whole thing is still pretty new, and as you've probably seen around the rest of the 'net, there's lots and lots of people discussing how this might work alongside (or in spite of) Twitter and all of the other growing social networks out there. Time will tell whether or not the system will be a hit (or fizzle like Wave apparently did), but Google definitely made sure that the iPhone has full capability up and running right away, even if the Apple/Google relationship isn't what it used to be.