Massively's Neo Steam free item pack giveaway

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|02.11.10

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Massively's Neo Steam free item pack giveaway
Are you a Neo Steam player looking for more in-game stuff? Are you just a fan of stuff, but also curious about Neo Steam? We can help you out, either way. To celebrate Valentine's Day and the fact that we love all of you so much, we're giving away a single reusable key code for all Neo Steam players to enjoy a special mount, angel wings costume and Kirin Incense Premium Boost item.

In addition to this, Neo Steam is also hosting a number of special in-game events running through the 24th for Valentine's Day and the Winter Olympics. Look for more info on that to come and keep reading past the jump below for the code and instructions on redeeming it.
Reusable code for everyone: E82B8633A04E47068DB614930AC3BCBB


1) Seraphim Wings Costume Item
2) Riding Id Mount
3) Kirin Incense Premium Boost

Directions to redeem code:

1) You must have an account with (free to register!)
2) Go to your "Account" section
3) Click on the "Promo Codes" tab
4) Enter in your promo code in the space provided
5) Your item will appear in your in-game warehouse in Neo Steam
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