Conquer the Keys of Fate, win a copy of Sentinel's Fate!

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|02.12.10

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Conquer the Keys of Fate, win a copy of Sentinel's Fate!
"Seccia quickly looked over the treasured keys one last time. Her fingers lightly traced the ornate engravings on the two platinum and ten golden keys as a smile pulled itself across her lips. She took a deep breath before slowly wrapping them up in a large piece of canvas, hiding the package at the bottom of her backpack.

"In a few short minutes she had finished packing her camping supplies and had donned her armor. Without a second look back across her apartment she quickly moved towards the front door, praying that the right adventurers would find her before it's too late."

This Monday at 8:30 PM EST, join Massively as we set out on a bold quest across not only the face of Norrath, but the internet itself! Our intrepid Dark Elven reporter, Seccia Ravenloft, is holding the keys for brand new copies of EverQuest II's Sentinel's Fate collector's edition and retail edition! To claim them, however, one must track her down, wherever she is hiding, and politely request a key.

Tracking her down, however, will lead you through multiple puzzles and riddles in a race against the rest of Norrath! You will need an active EverQuest II subscription to participate in this contest, readers, so be sure to reactivate if you're interested in winning yourself a brand new expansion pack. Full instructions will be posted here and on the EverQuest II Community News forum come Monday, so keep your eye out!

Can you conquer the Keys of Fate?
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