LG says it's launching a product to 'compete with Apple and Amazon,' maybe by April

LG isn't dishing out many details about this one just yet, but company exec KW Kim (head of LG's Middle East and Africa Operations) has told Emirates Business that LG will soon be launching a product -- "maybe by April" -- that "will compete with Apple and Amazon." And, well, that's about it. As you may recall, however, LG has been showing off various bits of technology for e-book readers over the past little while, including a solar-powered system designed specifically for e-readers and, of course, some flexible e-paper displays that have already turned up in the Skiff Reader. In other LG news, Kim also dropped word that the company is talking with Etisalat about a new line of "notebooks" (possibly netbooks) that would use "Google's operating system," although it's not clear if he was referring to Chrome or Android.