Vaunted firmware update for Samsung i8910 HD finally hits

Kinetic scrolling, ladies and gentlemen: are you ready for it? We sure hope so -- if you happen to be using Samsung's rather uncommon i8910 HD, that is -- because that sweet update promised back in December appears to have finally hit the ground running. Besides the significantly improved scrolling mechanism being rolled out through most of the handset's interface, firmware version JB1 is said to bring a "next gen" web experience, improvements to the camera and video recording settings, a repaired podcast app, and a smattering of bug fixes everywhere you look. The general release is bound to make the i8910 HD's most disgruntled customers a little less disgruntled, but there's one little issue -- the upgrade apparently drops free storage on the phone's C: drive all the way down to a nightmarish 17MB, which means you're going to want to make sure you're using secondary storage for absolutely everything you can. If you can live with that -- and with kinetic scrolling, we wouldn't blame you -- it looks like you'll need to cable up to Samsung's PC Studio to perform the update.