Wall Street Journal: Windows Mobile 7 coming next week

We pretty much knew that Windows Mobile 7 is coming next week at MWC, but the Wall Street Journal has a piece up confirming the announcement, along with a few other interesting details. As we'd heard, the new UI is a riff on the Zune HD interface, and the OS "reflects a much tighter focus" on hardware / software integration, all based around a "small number" of hardware chassis specs -- pretty much what we've known, but it's interesting that the Journal's source says the plan is to "limit the wild variation" that's typically been the hallmark of Windows Mobile. The WSJ also says that the long-rumored Pink project is a separate phone designed to replace the Sidekick -- which we also basically knew -- but that it won't make an appearance at MWC at all. Hmm, sounds like someone ought tell all those Twittering Danger employees. We'll see what happens -- it all goes down early on Monday.