Ricoh CX3 reviewed, just marginally better than CX2

Ricoh's CX2 seemed to impress a-many reviewer when it launched last autumn, so it's sort of odd to see the camera's successor hitting the market so soon after. The appropriately named CX3 recent sat down on the test bench over at Photography BLOG, and while critics were quick to point out how appreciative they were of the extras (a 720p movie mode, namely), they couldn't help but notice what a small step forward this was from the prior model. In fact, they found little to no good reason for existing CX2 owners to upgrade, though they did deem the image quality to be "excellent" and noted that newcomers shouldn't hesitate to give this one a whirl. Still, we were disappointed to hear that the low-light performance was underwhelming despite promises that it had been improved, and for $400, you've got a lot of other options in the point-and-shoot realm.