Use a sausage to play with your iPhone in the cold

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Use a sausage to play with your iPhone in the cold
Now the above headline invites all kind of mental imagery, we know, but we assure you this isn't some kind of sexual euphemism. That hunk of Brat you've been carrying around in your pocket (again, not a euphemism) can do more than provide you with a tasty snack. It can also help you play Peggle on your iPhone, if you happen to work in a milkshake factory or, like these Koreans, use the subway during those cold winter months.

According to machine translation of a Korean news article, CJ Corporation's snack sausages have seen a sharp rise in sales lately, most likely due to the sausages' close size and shape to that of the human finger. As the above image shows, sausage is all the rage with Korean male iPhone users. Again, not a euphemism!

[Via Pocketgamer]
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