Windows Phone 7 Series: that's the name

So we were just casually strolling through Plaça d'Espanya today in front of Fira de Barcelona -- better known as the site of MWC 2010 this coming week -- and we couldn't help but notice that Microsoft's digs at the Hotel Catalonia across the street had white stickers obviously covering something important underneath the Windows Phone logo that we'd seen a few days ago. The ensuing conversation went something like this:

Chris: Dude, I think I see something there underneath the sticker. I think it says "SEVEN" in all caps.
Thomas (staring intently): No way.
Chris: Yes, I'm telling you, "SEVEN." It's there!
Thomas: Fanboy. It's official, I'm covering MWC with an insane person... looks like I'm bouncing back to Amsterdam. Peace.

Well, turns out we were both wrong -- a little Photoshop magic (okay, a lot of Photoshop magic) reveals "7 Series" underneath the decal, just waiting to be torn off after Monday's big press event. The "7" is certainly no surprise, but the "Series" part of this is cause for some last-minute speculation -- are we actually going to see consumer and professional breakouts of the platform as we'd heard rumored a few times in the past? We'll know in less than two days. Follow the break for the full retouched image.