New Samsung chips bring HD image sensors to slimmer, smarter mobiles

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.15.10

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New Samsung chips bring HD image sensors to slimmer, smarter mobiles
In case you haven't noticed, Mobile World Congress is upon us, and you can bet that Samsung is here in a big way. The outfit is kicking things off with a couple of low-key releases: the S5K4E2 and S5K5CA CMOS image sensors. The former is a 5 megapixel chip that utilizes Samsung's own Enhanced Energy Steering technology and can capture video at up to 15 frames per second. We're told that it's also pretty darn good at reducing noise, and better still, it can slip into some of the slimmest and smallest handsets this world has ever seen. Moving on, there's the S5K5CA SoC imager, a 3 megapixel chip that combines both the image signal processor (ISP) with the CMOS image sensor. As the story goes, this one's some 25 percent smaller than prior 3 megapixel chips and the 720p video capture capabilities aren't too shabby, either. Both slabs are expected to hit mass production later this year, so go ahead and get ready to break the bad news to your existing cameraphone now. It's better this way, we promise.
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