Crysis 2 details abound in latest Edge

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Crysis 2 details abound in latest Edge
Make sure to buy a box of Wetnaps along with that copy of the new issue of Edge Magazine, because that thing's got Crysis 2 details leaking out if it all over the place. We already know the game will take place in New York, but according to the developer, it'll be "a New York City like none in games or cinema." Crytek is more interested in having the city environment act as a focus on the action rather than a big open sandbox, so while you'll see lots of the city above, you'll only be able to travel in "constrained freedom," or only about "three storeys up and down."

The magazine also contains info about the new Nanosuit 2, which seems to augment not only your physical powers, but sensory perception in various modes as well, giving you the ability to hear conversations at a distance or see directional bullet trails or x-rays. The suit can also increase your powers of memory, apparently, as the devs promise the game should have "five big things you'll remember forever." Oh no, wait, wrong switch -- it was set on the increased hype setting there. Our bad.

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