Fisher-Price iXL is a tweener that no kid needs convincing of

Joanna Stern
J. Stern|02.15.10

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Fisher-Price iXL is a tweener that no kid needs convincing of
"But's like your Kindle and Daddy's iPod Touch! I want one NOW!" Yep, that's how the discovery of Fisher Price's iXL is going to go down in the Toys R US aisle, like it or not. In what we can only compare to a shrunken Entourage Edge, the $80 clamshell device is meant for 3-to-6 year olds that are just learning to read and write, and it packs a color, resistive touchscreen and a plastic stylus. While some tots may complain about the not-very-finger-friendly display or the rather chunky and heavy design, Fisher gets that it's all about the software. In addition to the "app based" home screen (which we were told was modeled after the iPhone or iPad), the iXL comes preloaded with games, an animated story book and other applications -- additional children's e-books will be available for download from its online store when the device goes on sale this summer. Using a Mac or a PC, parents can also sideload those illustrated titles, as well as pictures and MP3s using the onboard USB port. Well, you heard the kids... they want it now!
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