THQ and SyFy bringing De Blob back for games and more

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JC Fletcher
February 16th, 2010
THQ and SyFy bringing De Blob back for games and more
When THQ announced that the De Blob franchise would continue this year, we didn't imagine it had anything this big in store for what we thought of as a semi-obscure Wii franchise. The publisher has partnered with the "Syfy Channel" (ugh) on a new banner called "Syfy Kids," a multimedia initiative including web content, TV, and games -- and De Blob is going to be featured heavily.

"We are pleased that our owned franchise de Blob has been selected as a foundational character and storyline for Syfy's new Syfy Kids brand," said THQ's Doug Clemmer. "We look forward to working closely with Syfy to introduce de Blob's colorful world to a new audience of young adults via webisodes, television and other media, broadening awareness for this loveable hero."

Most importantly, this De Blob resurgence will result in new video games. The announcement claims that THQ will release new de Blob games across "multiple gaming platforms" by the end of March 2011. That's something you can appreciate even if you never watch a second of SyFy.
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