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Windows Phone 7 Series faces off against its Windows Mobile past

Windows Phone 7 Series faces off against its Windows Mobile past
Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|February 15, 2010 6:08 PM

Mobile 6.5

Mobile 6.5.3

Windows Phone
7 Series
Windows CE kernel 5.2 5.2 6.0
Minimum resolution None None WVGA
Skinnable Yes Yes No
Finger friendly No Barely Yes
Multitouch No Basic Yes
Capacitive touchscreen No Yes Yes
Stylus Required Optional None
Touchscreen keyboard Unfriendly Finger-friendly Finger-friendly
Required buttons Start Start Start, Back, Search
Operating metaphor Apps Apps Task hubs
Pane switching Tabs Swipe "Pivot"
Browser IE Mobile 6 IE Mobile 6 New, still IE-based
Zune integration No No Yes
Xbox integration No No Yes
Courting enterprise Yes Yes Not yet
Social networking Apps / Skins Apps / Skins Built-in

This is a comparison of core OS functionality and differences, handset skins and carrier tweaks aren't factored in.

If you couldn't tell from the chart above, the "differences" between Windows Phone 7 Series and Windows Mobile of yore (last week) are rather hard to quantify: it's like comparing a bed with an oven. Two very different things, for two very different purposes. Windows Mobile has had a justifiable position in the realm of business, and will probably continue to maintain a legacy install base for some time to come, but it's pretty safe to say that the days of Windows Mobile as a consumer-facing OS are rapidly coming to an end. Bring on the new!