Beamz laser instrument allows even the tone deaf to rock out for $199

Truth be told, we weren't sure what to make of this laser harp-looking contraption when we saw it across the room at the International Toy Fair. Eloquently dubbed the Beamz Interactive Music System, it has six laser beam "strings" that when struck by a hand or finger produces one of 100 instrumental sounds. Here's the catch, though: the standing instrument must be connected to your PC via USB so that it can use its speakers. We think it's sort of a bummer that you have to be attached to your computer to rock, but the PC software (we're told Mac is on the way) lets you easily assign an instrument to the laser strings and also includes a variety of popular songs to jam along with. Though it's been around since 2008, Beamz seems to have wised up and lowered the original $600 pricetag to $199. We realize we could continue to describe this digital instrument in length, but we'd rather you just watch us "play it" and royally embarrass ourselves after the break.