Bookeen Orizon to ship this May with multitouch Sipix display

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.17.10

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Bookeen Orizon to ship this May with multitouch Sipix display
We're still patiently waiting for Sipix's color e-paper to hit the commercial realm, but 'til then, we suppose we'll pretend to be content with the monochrome variety. Bookeen, which obviously has a hard row to hoe in the slam-packed e-reader market, recently announced what appeared to be a relatively ho hum reader in the Orizon. Today, however, we've learned that it'll ship with a multitouch 6-inch Sipix display (800 x 600 resolution), and it'll be available for purchase this May in the United States and UK. For those who've forgotten, it will arrive with WiFi, 2GB of internal memory, Bluetooth, an accelerometer and support for PDF / ePUB formats. Still, if the rumored $250 price point sticks, we sort of doubt those to-be Kindle customers will turn their back on an always-on connection, but hey -- if the hackers step it up, this whole multitouch thing could really be enticing.
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