Sony Dash given ability to stream TVs and movies from Netflix, new lease on life

We were filled with excitement the moment Sony took the wraps off of its Dash personal internet viewer back at CES, but after learning that this was less of a tablet and more a sophisticated widget machine for in-home use, our joviality was understandably squashed. Today, Sony has given the doubters a reason to perk back up and pay attention, as the April-bound device will ship with the ability to stream Watch Instantly content from Netflix. As if that wasn't enough, Demand Media will also be offering Dash-tailored portals to content from eHow, Golflink and, and it'll have no issues streaming "online music videos, television, or film content on-demand" to the 7-inch touchpanel. Still not convinced that this thing is worth $199? It's just an external battery mod away from greatness, you know!