Joy Ride slides into 2010, BigPark still tinkering under the hood

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Joy Ride slides into 2010, BigPark still tinkering under the hood
At E3 2009, Microsoft confessed to the secret Xbox 360 exclusive that (then newly acquired) BigPark would create: Joy Ride, a free-to-play, Avatar-based racing game. As you might have concluded after it missed its holiday 2009 launch window, Joy Ride has been delayed until later in 2010, though Microsoft wouldn't share anything more specific.

The full statement to Joystiq reads: "We're thrilled to have unveiled Joy Ride at E3 2009, which will deliver a revolutionary gaming experience to the Xbox 360 community and put your Avatar behind the wheel. We're committed to delivering the most robust experience to the community and are taking additional time to ensure we provide the best experience possible. We're looking forward to launching Joy Ride in 2010. Stay tuned!"

With a slew of upcoming media events leading up to this year's E3, we're sure to hear more about the title in the coming months and see how the extra development time has been put to use.
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