Infinitec details Infinite USB Memory Device functionality ahead of launch

Surely you remember Infinitec, right? You know -- that Dubai-based startup that first showcased its so-called Infinite USB memory device (IUM) at CES? Now that we've jogged your memory, we'd like to point out some new information on the product. We're told that the company is gearing up to officially launch the stick soon, promising ad hoc streaming from any Windows-based PC to just about anything you can think of: Blu-ray players, media streamers, printers, and practically any other gizmo with a USB port. New details provided to us by Infinitec ensure that game consoles are supported, as is high-def video content. The company has also laid out a number of use scenarios for those curious about how this thing could improve your daily life, all of which are just beneath the break. Stay tuned for more in the coming days -- pricing and release deets should be headed our (and in turn, your) way soon.

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The Next Generation Flash Drive is Finally Here

Simply put, the IUM is the next generation of USB flash drives. Why? Because it provides you with a more efficient, practical and comprehensive solution for transferring your files than traditional USB flash drives. You no longer need to run back and forth between laptops to share files, you don't need to worry about what previous content may still be on your flash drive before you give it to a friend or colleague, and you don't need to try to figure out if you have enough capacity available to share all you content. Oh, and by the way, have we told you about its media streaming capabilities? Here are some of the things it can do.

Unlimited File Sharing

Because the IUM allows you to share your entire hard drive as well as any servers, external hard drives or other storage space that your laptop has access to, you can never run out of storage space.

Complete Freedom

The IUM gives you the complete freedom of choosing whether to share one single file or your entire hard drive. You are in control. You decide what to share, when and with whom.

Completely Secure

Because the IUM uses your laptop's hard drive for storage, if your IUM is lost or stolen, none of your files will be gone with it. Unlike in traditional flash drives, the IUM doesn't store any content in it and therefore your data is always protected because it never leaves your laptop.

Compatible with all File Formats

The IUM supports all types of files and folders regardless of the functionality or the extension of the file. All you have to do is mark the file for sharing using the IUM software and your files will immediately appear on the IUM.

Stream Your Media

Because files never leave your laptop, you can stream all your movies, music and pictures directly to your TV, DVD player, Blu-ray player, HiFi system, etc. All you need is a USB port and off you go! (Note: Infinitec only endorses the download of legally acquired content)

Supports Full HD

Because we understand that the world is moving to HD, we want to you to enjoy that freedom too. The IUM gives you the ability to streaming your movies in full HD (1080p support) so that you can enjoy a better image quality.

Uninterrupted Playback

We understand wireless technology and how unreliable it can be. That's why we've installed measures to protect you from any interference or drop in the wireless signal. So you can enjoy your movies and music with uninterrupted playback.

Compatible with all Operating Systems

It doesn't matter if your friends or colleagues are using a PC, Mac or Linux computer. The IUM is plug-and-play device that's recognised by all operating systems so that you can share your files with anyone you choose.

Compatible with Gaming Consoles

We understand that you like to use your flash drives on your video consoles so we've made sure you can do the same with your IUM. The IUM is compatible with all major gaming consoles such as PlaysStation3, Xbox360, Wii, etc.

Plug and Play

Since the IUM is the next generation of USB flash drives, it's compatible with any device that currently accepts the use of traditional flash drives. Everything from printers to digital photo frames. You don't need to install software or download drivers. It truly is a plug and play device.

Future Proof

Because the IUM is a plug and play device, this means that it will be compatible with all future devices that support USB flash drives. So if one day they make microwaves that have a USB port in them, you'll be able to use your IUM to make your popcorn as well!


How it Works


Why is the IUM is the next generation of USB flash drives? Because it looks and feels like a traditional USB memory drive, but has none of the limitations of these devices. This is because the IUM does not actually store any memory on the drive itself. Instead, it uses your laptop's WiFi signal to connect to it and then leverages your laptop's storage capabilities as its own. This means that you get to decide what is the storage capabilities of your IUM instead of having to buy a larger capacity flash drive every year.

The IUM's storage can be as large as the entire hard disk of your laptop or even larger. This is because you can share all the external hard drives and servers that your laptop has access to. Ultimately the more storage space that your laptop has access to, the larger the memory of the IUM will appear to be. And because a laptop can always find access to additional servers or hard drives, these can all be combined to create the IUM's infinite capacity.

In addition, the IUM is a Plug-and-Play drive: when it's connected to any USB equipped device, it will always appear as a standard off-the-shelve flash drive. This means that you'll never need to install any drivers or software on any of the devices you want to use it with.

Pairing Process

So what happens after you get back from the store, excited about purchasing your first IUM? Well the first thing you need to do is pair it with your laptop. The IUM pairs uniquely to a single laptop and this laptop becomes the host or "brains" of the IUM. This is a very simple process; all you need to do is move the IUM's selector switch to 'pair' mode and then plug it into your laptop's USB port. This will automatically install the Infinite Portal software on your laptop which will then pair the IUM to your laptop.

The pairing process is designed to uniquely identify your IUM from others that may be around. Your IUM will only work with your laptop while other IUMs will only work with their owners' laptops. By pairing each IUM with a unique host laptop, you and your colleagues can all use your IUMs simultaneously without having any incompatibility or interconnection issues.

Once the IUM is paired to your laptop, you simply unplug it, shift the switch back into 'infinite' mode and you're ready to go!

Infinite Portal

So how do you use and control your IUM? Well it's simple really; the Infinite Portal provides you with all the tools you will need to do that. This user-friendly application is extremely intuitive and allows you to fully control the behaviour of your IUM. You can use it to set the maximum storage size of the IUM, to decide what file system should be used and to easily mark or unmark the files and folders that you want to make visible on the IUM. It even comes with a set of organisation tools to help you keep your shared content into an easy to use directory structure.

In addition, the Infinite Portal comes equipped with a full set of performance monitoring tools. These allow you to constantly check the connectivity status of the IUM, the transfer speed and throughput. That way you always know what's happening on your IUM no matter who is using it or for what purpose.

Ultimately, the Infinite Portal is a very powerful tool that gives you full control over your IUM so that you can decide how and for what it's used.

Product Uses

So, what can you use your IUM for? So many things! Think of the uses of a flash memory drive and now multiply them by infinity! Here are some of the most common uses but we're sure you've already thought of many more:

1. Next Generation USB Memory Drive

How many times have you been in the situation where you want to give your friend or colleague a bunch of files but just couldn't get your hands on the right flash drive to do it? Either your existing flash drive wasn't large enough, it was already reaching its storage limit or you had confidential information on it that you didn't want anyone else to see. In the end, you either had to sort through your flash drive contents deciding what to delete or you had to use the drive back-and-forth several times to transfer all the files. With the IUM these issues are over. You simply lend your IUM to your friend or colleague and use the Infinite Portal to give them access to whatever files you want them to copy. Whether it's 1 kilobyte of data or 1 terabyte, the IUM will never run out of space or give you any hassle.

2. DVD Players, Media Players, Blu-ray Players and LCD Screens

We all love downloading movies, trailers and TV shows but we all hate having to watch them on our laptops screens when we have a larger TV at home. The IUM solves that problem. Simply plug your IUM into the USB port of your DVD player, media player, Blu-ray player or new generation TV and you can steam all your movies directly to it. All you need to do is use the Infinite Portal to share your video collection on your IUM and you're ready to go. Just don't forget the popcorn!

3. HiFi Stereo Systems & Amplifiers

Our music must go with us at all times. That's why we have MP3 players in all shapes and sizes. But sometimes we want to blast those tunes on our HiFi systems without having to burn songs on DVDs or wrestle with connectivity cables. And since most new HiFi systems come with USB support, your problems are solved. Connect the IUM to your HiFi, share the three million songs that are on your laptop and they can all be played on your large stereo system. Just don't forget to keep the volume down so the neighbours don't call the police!

4. Video Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles are rapidly becoming the norm for multimedia. Whether you want to watch a movie, play some music or play through your album of pictures. These devices are becoming extremely popular for more than just their video gaming features. The only problem is that they're limited by having to use media servers with them when you have a large amount of content. But what happens if you don't want to spend a fortune on media servers? The answer is simple, use your IUM. It will allow you to stream all your media files from your laptop straight onto the console. No wires, no hassle, no running back and forth.

5. Digital Photo frames

So you're back from your holidays and you have five thousand photos that you took while you were there. Now how do you transfer them all to your digital photo frame quickly and without hassle? Use your IUM. Plug it into your photo frame, choose your pictures, mark them as shared and they are immediately on display.

6. Printers

Most new printers have USB ports for printing from memory sticks. For those printers, the IUM can be connected to allow you to print your documents wirelessly. Just connect your IUM, share the documents you want to print and you're set to go while you're still relaxing on the couch.

7. Projectors

New projectors are slowly coming out with USB ports. Can you imagine being able to go into a meeting and not have to wrestle with cables and the screen capabilities of your laptop? Well that's what we do for you. Simply connect the IUM into the projector, choose the presentation you want to display and it instantly appears on the screen. How impressed will your boss be when you pull that one off?