James Cameron sees Avatar on Blu-ray 3D in November, HDTV manufacturers mark their calendars

Fox has been slow to show its hand concerning the Avatar home video release schedule, but that didn't stop director James Cameron from spilling assorted dates and SKUs in a Wall Street Journal interview. He's pegged a standard DVD & Blu-ray release for April 22, with a special edition DVD and Blu-ray 3D version arriving in November. Considering how much electronics companies have invested in bringing 3D to market this year and specifically Panasonic's push to make Avatar a box office smash the timing seems right on target. Whether you love the Na'vi just a little or far, far too much, budgeting for a 3D related Black Friday upgrade to go along with blue body paint for Halloween is seeming like a more sensible option every day.

Update: Fox has responded, simply stating that 3D is in the conceptual stage, and that Avatar will not be out on Blu-ray 3D in November. Should we believe them or the guy with an executive producer credit on Point Break... is that even a question?