Telstra boasts it's got the first live HSPA+ Dual Carrier network

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|02.22.10

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It may not be the fastest live HSPA network today, but Telstra -- a carrier with a history of world's firsts -- is touting that it's now the first operator on the face planet to flip the switch on HSPA+ Dual Carrier, the very same tech that Ericsson has been demoing recently. That means that customers will be able to expect about double the peak 3G speeds they get today (so Telstra claims) once they latch onto Sierra Wireless' new modem, expected to be available "later this year." The fun doesn't end there, though: Telstra says this is just the first stop on a wild ride up to 84Mbps once MIMO is added into the mix with expected commercial availability in 2011, cutting deeply into the territory enjoyed by first-gen LTE networks. Any chance we could have the modem in something besides Smurf Blue? No worries if not, Sierra; just figured we'd ask.
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