Leech Plug disconnects when your gadget is charged, does Ma Earth a favor

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.22.10

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The TrickleStar line of products does a good job of killing vampire power drain already, but all of those still require you to lift a finger and flip a toggle switch to "off" in order to stop the flow of energy when nothing is there to be charged. Conor Klein's Leech Plug, however, does the dirty work for you. Thanks to an integrated timer circuit and a mysterious array of "electromechanics" within, his AC outlet physically ejects the charging cord when the device on the other end is done charging; granted, that leaves you with quite a mess in your dining room floor, but hey, at least you're doing your small part to keep this fragile planet from imploding on itself, right? Peek the video after the break.

[Thanks, Kevin]

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