SanDisk ships 64GB Ultra SDXC card for $350

Here's hoping you didn't pull the trigger on of the world's first SDXC cards to ship, 'cause if so, you just paid a painful premium. Nary two months after Panasonic served up the first 32GB and 64GB SDXC cards to the masses, SanDisk has stepped in to ship its highest capacity Secure Digital card ever in the 64GB Ultra SDXC. Said device boasts a 15MB/sec read speed, a Class 4 speed rating and an exFAT file structure that helps you capture 1080p clips without any glitches or hangups. It's also based around the minty fresh SD 3.0 specification, so make sure that you pick up an SDXC reader or a device that specifically supports the format (you know, like ASUS' Eee PC T101MT). If you're finally ready to leap, this one's available now for the not-quite-reasonable price of $349.99, though if we were you, we'd wait for the rest of the competition to hit the ship button and drive down the MSRP.