Sigma trio espied at PMA, COO expresses interest in supporting 'mirrorless camera systems'

Still no word on price, but Sigma's recently-announced DP2s, DP1x, and SD15 cameras were on hand at PMA, just out of reach of our greasy hands. A shame, really, but at least we managed to at least stand in the trinity's presence, right? Perhaps more interesting comes from the mouth of Chief Operating Officer Kazuto Yamaki, who in an interview with Digital Photography Review predicts that zoom lenses are in the future for mirrorless camera systems -- which, for those not hip to his jive, apparently include Olympus' and Panasonic's Micro Four Thirds shooters, Samsung's "hybrid DSLR" NX10, and quite possibly Sony's new Alpha compact concept. Color us intrigued, but as Yamaki noted, it's all a matter of whether or not the market picks up. Let's hope -- those cameras featured above? Closer shots below. %Gallery-86255%