Sony's ultra-durable DSC-TX5 hands-on: ice, ice, baby

Ross Miller
R. Miller|02.22.10

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Sony's ultra-durable DSC-TX5 hands-on: ice, ice, baby
Now here's how to show off a durable camera. While a number of companies we've seen at PMA had non-interactive displays to exemplify just how waterproof their shooters were, Sony went one step further and put a pair of its DSC-TX5 in a block of ice. Yes, we could pick this one up and play with it -- as well as another pair that were submerged in water of milder temperatures -- and from our time with the camera, there was no fogginess and the shots were very clear for its class -- no replacement for a DSLR, but it's certainly easier to fit in our pocket while falling down the ski slopes (and capturing our failures in 720p, should we choose to publish the embarrassment). Also spotted? The DSC-H55, but with the HX5V just around the corner and sporting a similar form factor plus GPS and TransferJet, we're having a hard time getting too excited about that one. %Gallery-86160% %Gallery-86163%
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