Acer tables e-reader plans, says market is 'not that big'

What's this we hear? Is it the distant thunder of sanity emanating from Acer's Taiwanese headquarters? The Taipei Times is reporting this morning Acer chairman Wang Jeng-tang's announcement that his company will not be releasing an ebook reader "for now." It was only a month ago that Jeng-tang and his crew were telling the world about the aggressive inroads they were going to make into the Amazon-dominated e-reader market, but it appears some second-guessing has been taking place in those Taipei boardrooms, which has led to the scrapping of the earlier plans. Considering the absolute glut of interchangeable E Ink devices out there, we have to agree with Acer's perspective; you either have to come up with something unique -- like the Nook, the Edge, or the Adam -- or just focus your energies elsewhere. Good job on remembering that we're more interested in seeing that mysterious ultrathin laptop than just another run of the mill 6-inch e-reader.