New Issue 17 details for City of Heroes

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|02.24.10

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New Issue 17 details for City of Heroes
If you play City of Heroes, you're looking forward to the upcoming Issue 17. We've heard some of what can be expected from the big pre-expansion drop, but much of it was cloaked in vague terms -- improvements that didn't have any hard data attached to them, like the promise of new missions and UI revisions. But the official site has put up a page on the coming features for the update, and it helps clarify some things we didn't know about, as well as offering some excellent news besides. And it promises the end of Positron's dreaded unending task force! (It'll still be there, but it will be split into two parts and improved all around.)
The new missions consist of two arcs each for heroes and villains in the 20-30 range, one of the midgame shuffles that frequently needs some love. It'll go nicely with the expanded limit of seven active missions, unlike the three that have been allowed since launch. If you have an alt in that range (and you likely do) but are worried they're short on Enhancements, the update has that covered as well. The in-game mail now allows funds to be sent, so you can transfer Influence/Infamy without the aid of a third party. There's also the addition of tail animations, specific improvements to Mission Architect, and more than enough updates to make any City of Heroes player giggle with glee. Take a look!
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