Quake 3 ported to Android, shows off Droid's graphical prowess (video)

You should by now be well aware that there's no shortage of games one can play on one's beloved Droid, but just for the FPS old schoolers out there, how's about a nice Quake 3 port to pass the time with? Yup, the game that defined the term multiplayer before World of Warcraft came around has been enabled on the Android OS, finally finding another mobile home after residing on Nokia handsets for so long. For its short development time, this looks a very well refined translation of the software and offers you customizable controls to go with thoroughly playable frame rates. And if you have an older Android phone, don't despair -- Quake 2 has also been ported over, so once you've had an eyeful of the Droid, why not hit the source link to find out how to get in on the action?

[Thanks, Anders]