Sprint confirms Pre and Pixi webOS 1.4 update coming tomorrow (update: full changelog!)

Just hours after we wrapped our mitts around what looked to be Palm's official webOS 1.4 changelog, along comes this: confirmation from none other than Sprint itself. According to a post on the carrier's official forums by Sprint Admin 'izzyks,' both the Pre and Pixi will see the long-awaited webOS 1.4 update hit sometime tomorrow evening. As always, users will see an OTA alert when the new files are ready for consumption, and you can find a full list of the fixes and changes just beyond the break.

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Update: Seems the post was yanked! The message, in its entirety, is after the break.

Update 2
: We just snagged the full changelog from an internal Sprint document, which is also tucked below. For the spec hounds, the webOS version will be 1.4.0, while the Sprint Configuration will sit at 2.3 and the Build at 195.

Palm Pre and Pixi WebOS 1.4 Software Update

On 2/26, Friday evening, Pre and Pixi device users will receive an Over the Air (OTA) notification to download the new 1.4 webOS software release.

This release includes both fixes and feature updates (listed below).


Feature Updates:


From official internal Sprint document:

Customers: Palm Pre/Pixi web OS 1.4.0

Effective Date: Palm Pre 2-26

Details: The customer's device will recognize that it needs the latest SW and will ask the customer to allow the installation and download. The customer can also initiate the update from the Updates application.

Fixes, Feature Updates and Enhancements with Palm webOS 1.4
● Time Zone bug fixed.
● Network time sync bug fixed to reflect accurate Network time.
● BT car-kit transition to device corrected.
● No EV icon bug fixed (random)
● Random browser formatting bugs fixed.
● Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed Sprint when actually was Digital Roaming.

• Phonebook Transfer
o Added ability to export from the Palm Pixi address book /contacts to any other device (Previously Palm
supported only the import of address book transfer from a device to a Pixi)
• Supports Video Capture capability
o Video editing (trim)
o Upload of videos to YouTube / Facebook /
o Send videos via MMS or email
• Performance enhancements within Phone and Calendar applications
• Calendar enhancements
o Dial phone numbers from within a meeting event
o Allow custom alert sounds for calendar event reminders
o Added AM and PM detail within calendar events
• Email enhancements
o Allow custom alerts sounds/tones for email alerts
o Embedded phone numbers or email addresses (embedded in email) can be easily added to Contacts
o New email sort options (date, sender, subject)
o Return to inbox view after sending email
• Messaging enhancements
o Ability to forward SMS to email
o Ability to dial phone number from SMS chat session (no need to open contact any longer)
• Press & hold on a phone number to get more options (call, SMS)
• Universal Search now includes EAS (Outlook Exchange) GAL corporate address look up
• Application Launcher – easier user interface providing user more feedback during an application launch
• Notifications adding Blink options
o Palm Pixi – Light-bar in gesture area blinks when notifications are pending

Manual Update Process:
1. Open Launcher
2. Scroll to Card 3
3. Tap Updates