Motorola CLIQs falling victim to latest firmware? (updated with official statement)

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|02.26.10

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Chris Ziegler
February 26th, 2010
Motorola CLIQs falling victim to latest firmware? (updated with official statement)
Haven't willfully submitted to the CLIQ's new update yet? Well, you might want to hold off, because it looks like the new code is causing more heartache than good. A variety of reports on T-Mobile's official support forums echo the same overarching complaint, which is that messaging is a disaster zone ever since version 1.3.18 took hold -- long freezes when using the messaging app or widget, messages not getting sent or being sent multiple times -- basically all the things you really don't want to happen on a device that touts its social connectedness. For what it's worth, we've personally seen this happen on a CLIQ since the update, so we know there's something going on here; T-Mobile says that the complaints have been "forwarded... to the appropriate people," so hopefully we'll see some resolution soon. In the meantime, users experiencing issues are advised to not perform a master reset -- important advice, considering that's one of the first fixes many users might entertain.

Update: Follow the break for the full details from Motorola -- it looks like a date issue where the year gets stuck on 1969 is priority one for them, but they've got a workaround set up until a new OTA update's ready. Messaging issues may be alleviated by clearing out your backlogs -- if you've got too many old messages, it sounds like this could be bogging things down.
Earlier this week, the CLIQ 1.3.18 over-the-air software update began rolling out to consumers. While the vast majority of updates were successful, a very small number of consumers reported a date error and found that, after factory resetting their device, their phone was not functioning properly. We have identified a workaround solution for these consumers, which can be found on the Motorola support forum (

To our consumers, we apologize and are working swiftly to reconcile the situation. We are also revising the over-the-air software update so that this workaround solution is no longer needed. Consumers will be notified on their device when the revised update is available.

To our consumers who downloaded the update and their device is working properly, no further action is needed. To our consumers who never received a notification to download the update, please do not take further action. You will be notified on your device when the revised update is available to you. To consumers who received an error or whose device date reads December 31, 1969, please visit the support site listed above for assistance.
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