Ueda: Dead or Alive Paradise not intended to degrade women

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Ueda: Dead or Alive Paradise not intended to degrade women
Tecmo's Yoshinori Ueda says the upcoming PSP exclusive Dead or Alive: Paradise is not meant to be softcore porn, despite the game's not-so-subtle marketing line: "Paradise in the palm of your hand." DoA: Paradise director Ueda told Eurogamer that the game only intends to showcase beautiful women and the "beauty of their bodies," but was firm (stiff, even) that the game isn't meant to be degrading toward women.

Featuring bikini-clad mini-games and the ability to photograph the virtual "beauties" without fear of a restraining order, Dead or Alive: Paradise isn't a traditional game; however, Ueda says the game features a number of different activities to engorge entertain gamers. The goal, it seems, is to allow players to escape to some kind of magical world: "we hope that people playing the game will be able to come away with the feeling that they've visited paradise," Ueda said.

Sounds titillating, and in no way creepy or disgusting.
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