Earth Eternal takes players Down Below

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Earth Eternal takes players Down Below
The team over at Sparkplay Media have been hard at work polishing up Earth Eternal as they move towards the game's eventual release. This dedication to the 'it's done when it's done' MMO development is certainly a great thing to see -- especially when it comes hand in hand with fun new content!

The newest patch, 0.8.5, adds a spooky new dungeon called The Down Below for players to explore. This area is an excavated ruin in Midland between New Badari and Grunes Tal that offers players 10 enormous new areas and 30 named mobs just perfect for groups of 5 level 33 to 36 players. There are also a bunch of fixes and updates in patch 0.8.5 that players of all levels will definitely want to read up on.

The Earth Eternal beta is open for any and all people who have been interested in the game, but haven't had a chance to try it out. So if checking out browser-based MMOs where you get to play animals, robots, or demons sounds like something you'd enjoy, head on over to the Earth Eternal site and get signed up to play!
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