HTC HD2 and Moto Cliq XT pricing revealed in T-Mobile database?

Alright, we know there's a big old watermark covering it up, but the HD2's price when it makes its eagerly awaited US debut on T-Mobile has been identified as being $199 after rebate, presumably as part of a two-year commitment with the carrier. As usual with such screen grabs, we can't be 100 percent sure, but that number seems to be in the right ballpark, and is joined by a $129 price for Motorola's Cliq XT and a $69 sticker for Nokia's Nuron handset. All three are expected to arrive at some point this month, though we urge caution with the HD2 -- it's still only a Windows Mobile 6.5 device, in spite of Microsoft's equivocations about Windows Phone 7, and should be obtained solely on the basis of what you know. That is to say, you'd better really love HTC's Sense UI and that 4.3-inch screen, because you'll be buying into an OS with a very short remaining shelf life, no prospects of future app development, and no guarantees about upgrades.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]