Microsoft Research working on portable Surface

Microsoft's Surface has managed to carve out a small niche for itself, but there's only so many places that a large, touchscreen installation can find a home (a yacht, for instance). Microsoft Research seems to be aware of that, and it's apparently been hard at work on a more portable Surface for some time now. As you can see above (and in the video after the break), the so-called Mobile Surface would rely on a combination of a projector and a camera (and mobile phone, in this instance), which would offer about the same level of interaction as a regular Surface, and even a few advantages -- like being able to use a pair of drumsticks to play the drums. If this all seems a little familiar, it should, as Light Blue Optics and others have already employed nearly identical systems to turn any surface into a touchscreen display. Curiously, Microsoft Research has since pulled the Mobile Surface page from its website, but you can find all the pertinent details by diving into the links below.