Nokia C5 arrives with S60 3rd edition OS pretending to be a 'smartphone'

We're not going to kid you, the already leaked C5 is not going to woo many smartphone hunters as we traditionally understand this defining term for high-end handsets. Although Nokia dubs it as such, the 2.2-inch display riding 2GB of microSD storage and S60 3rd OS just doesn't hold up. It does, however, come with Nokia Messaging baked in as well as GPS with free Ovi Maps turn-by-turn navigation making it a heck of a featurephone for the price: just €135 (about $183) unlocked, before taxes and any carrier subsidies are applied. So what we're looking at here is execution of Nokia's strategy to push Symbian downward throughout its product catalog as Maemo, eh hem, MeeGo starts filling in the top slots (give it a few years). Besides complicating smartphone marketshare reports, the emergence of the handset also confirms Nokia's new Cseries of middling devices while giving credence to the Nokia roadmap leaked last month. So while the C5 might not tickle your fancy, maybe the rumored 12 megapixel N8-00 with 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen rumored to be launching this summer will.