RedEye mini converts iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into IR-beaming universal remote

ThinkFlood's original RedEye was pretty swank, but unfortunately, it was both expensive and somewhat convoluted. It's only been four months since that very device hit the scene, but it's safe to say it's already history. Today, the RedEye mini is setting a new bar in the world of iPhone / iPad / iPod touch remotes, with a single plug-in Infrared (IR) adapter enabling your Apple device to beam out a near-limitless array of IR commands. All that's needed is the 3.5mm dongle (read: your dock connector remains open), the latest iPhone OS and the free RedEye app; once you're setup, you can then control your TV, AV receiver, Blu-ray player and whatever else is lucky enough to be in your home theater rack and support IR dictation. Better still, the app allows users to customize the way they control their gear, with full multitouch and accelerometer support complementing the ability to add (soft) macro buttons. Oh, and did we mention that this wealth of functionality will only set you back $49? Huzzah!

Update: Not feeling the dongle? Power A has a similar option for iPod touch and iPhone, but their solution is built right into a case. Not bad!

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About RedEye mini

Introducing RedEye mini: the second product in ThinkFlood's RedEye line of universal remote control products for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

RedEye mini is a portable way to turn any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a universal remote and free TV guide.

RedEye mini users can easily control TVs, DVRs, stereos, etc., whether they are at home or on the go. RedEye mini offers features and functionality previously available only in remotes costing several times as much.

Why choose RedEye mini
· It's the most affordable ($49) and robust universal remote accessory for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
· Instead of having one remote for every device - or even an oversized universal remote with too many buttons - RedEye mini customers only need to handle an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad (okay, well the iPad's not that small...)
· Unlike other iPhone remote solutions, RedEye mini plugs into the headphone jack, which frees up the 30-pin dock connector for charging while while the remote is in use. RedEye mini users will never be without a remote when device battery is low. Also, iPhone users won't have to flip their phones upside-down to use the remote.
· Robust database of manufacturer-supplied infrared codes for easy set up. Users can also use the learning module to quickly train their RedEye mini remote with commands from existing device remotes.
· Free integrated electronic program guide (AKA channel guide) that lets the user access program and channel information without interrupting what's happening on the TV screen.
· Ability to control a virtually unlimited number of devices and can store a virtually unlimited number of commands.
· RedEye offers activity-based control, meaning users can program RedEye to execute a series of commands with only one touch (macros). Additionally, only the buttons appropriate to the activity in use (like watch TV, listen to music, watch DVD) appear on the screen.
· RedEye mini users can customize the way they control their equipment with touchscreen buttons, Apple's Multi-Touch gestures, and accelerometer controls. For example swiping two fingers down the screen can reduce volume and flicking the iPhone forward can change the channel.

RedEye mini will be available this spring through the ThinkFlood website, which is already shipping the first RedEye product to 47 countries, as well as through participating dealers and retailers.

Basic specs
· Includes: RedEye mini (plug-in infrared adapter)
· Requirements:
o iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch or iPad with iPhone OS 3.2
o RedEye app, a free download from iTunes/App Store
· Supports: virtually all home entertainment devices with infrared capabilities