Sam and Max voted as next Telltale franchise on the Mac

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|03.03.10

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Sam and Max voted as next Telltale franchise on the Mac
When Telltale Games kicked off their Mac revolution at Macworld a few weeks ago, they also set up a poll on their website where players could vote on the next franchise in their company to get a full release on the Mac. The vote is now over, and the Sam and Max franchise was chosen as the next group of games to see a full Mac release. The original characters were created by Steve Purcell a few decades ago, but since then, the franchise has created a storied gaming history, starting at LucasArts and moving on to Telltale's classic titles. The series of point-and-click adventures is known for its stories and humor, and it's definitely a worthwhile choice by fans.

Rumor has it that there's a brand new Sam and Max season (the games are released in "seasons" of smaller episodes) around the corner -- we're hoping to see Telltale at GDC 2010 next week, so we'll let you know if we get to see anything new from them there.
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