Assault on the Ruby Sanctum: Transcripts and details

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|03.04.10

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Assault on the Ruby Sanctum: Transcripts and details

WARNING: This post is chock full of spoilers. Spoilers like you would not believe. If you'd like to be surprised about the Ruby Sanctum and what is contained within, I wouldn't recommend continuing onward. If, however, you are clamoring for more information, read on!

The latest push of the PTR revealed some new items and models that are exciting in and of themselves. What you haven't seen however, are the voice files that were released, including the sound files for General Zarithrian, Baltharus the Warborn, Saviana Ragefire and Halion the Twilight Destroyer, the bosses for the upcoming 3.3.5 raid instance, the Ruby Sanctum. Full transcripts of the bosses, as well as some other voice files involving the assault follow below.

While we already knew the names of the various bosses we'd be squaring off against, we didn't quite know the details behind what happened. Zarhym's post shed a little light on the subject, but the voice files shed a little more -- included with the sound files is this series of sound bites from Xerestrasza:
Help! I am trapped within this tree! I require aid!
Thank you! I could not have held out for much longer. A terrible thing has happened here...
We believe the Sanctum was well fortified. But we were not prepared for the nature of this assault.
The black dragonkin materialized from thin air, and set upon us before we could react.
We did not stand a chance. As my brethren perished around me, I managed to retreat here, and bar the entrance.
They slaughtered us with cold efficiency. But the true focus of their interest seemed to be the eggs kept here, in the Sanctum.
The commander of the forces on the ground here is a cruel brute named Zarithrian. But I fear there are greater powers at work.
In their initial assault, I caught a glimpse of their true leader: a fearsome, full-grown Twilight Dragon.
I know not the extent of their plans, heroes, but I know this: They cannot be allowed to succeed!

The biggest item of note from this is that much like The Lich King, Deathwing's forces are making their move before the expansion's launch. What's interesting to note here however is that while The Lich King's assault was literally on the footsteps of Wrath's release, we still don't have a release date for Cataclysm, or a beta for that matter. Regardless, it looks like Xerestrasza -- who is one of the red drakes in the Sanctum -- fills us in on the details of what's going on after we pull her out of whatever tree she's gotten herself entangled in. Deathwing's been annoyed with Alexstrasza for quite some time, so the assault isn't exactly unexpected.

Another thing to note: Deathwing's after eggs. This lines up nicely with everything he's been up to until this point.

Also included in the sound files are the fight scripts for all four of the bosses in the Sanctum.


Aggro: Alexstrasza has chosen capable allies. A pity that I must end you!
Special: Turn them to ash, minions!
Slay01: You thought you stood a chance?
Slay02: It's for the best.
Death: Halion! I'm...aah!

Aggro: You will suffer for this intrusion...
Special: Burn in the master's flame!
Slay01: As it should be!
Slay02: Halion will be pleased...
Death: <screaming>

Aggro: Ah, the entertainment has arrived...
Yell: Your power wanes, ancient one! Soon, you will join your friends!
Special: Twice the pain and half the fun!
Slay01: Baltharus leaves no survivors!
Slay02: This world has enough heroes!
Death: I...didn't see that coming...

And finally, Halion:
Aggro: Your world teeters on the brink of annihilation. You will all bear witness to the coming of a new age of destruction!
Special01: The heavens burn!
Special02: Beware the shadow!
Spawn01: Meddlesome insects! You're too late! The Ruby Sanctum is lost.
Slay01: Another hero falls!
Slay02: Hahaha!
Phase2: You will find only suffering within the realm of Twilight. Enter if you dare...
Phase3: I am the light AND the darkness! Cower mortals, before the Herald of Deathwing!
Berserk: Not good enough!
Death: Relish this victory, mortals...for it will be your last. This world will burn with the Master's return...
Halion calls himself the Herald of Deathwing -- unsurprising, given what Xerestrasza has already filled us in on. From the fight files, it looks like Halion's got a few different phases, including one that may have a portal mechanic similar to what we've seen in the Obsidian Sanctum. Zarithrian appears to have adds of some sort, Saviana's got some sort of special fire attack, and Baltharius...well, no idea what 'twice the pain and half the fun' means, but it's apt to be unpleasant, whatever it is.

We'll have more information about the Ruby Sanctum as more is released -- for now, enjoy the transcripts and this video of the sound files by Oxymoronable over on Youtube:

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